Unlocking Your Path to Wellness

Foundation for your journey

Comprehensive Initial Consultation

Embarking on a journey to better health starts with a thorough and personalized assessment. In our initial consultation, I dedicate time to understanding your unique needs, dietary habits, health history, and goals. This comprehensive process forms the bedrock for creating a tailored nutrition plan crafted just for you. The initial consultation is more than a meeting; it’s the foundation for your journey towards improved well-being.

What to Expect

Dietary Assessment

I will delve into your current eating patterns, exploring the nuances of your diet to gain a clear understanding of your nutritional intake.

Health History and Lifestyle Exploration

Understanding your health history, existing medical conditions, medications, and allergies is crucial. We’ll also discuss your lifestyle, including fitness routines and overall health goals.

Preferences and Challenges

Your preferences matter. We’ll talk about your likes and dislikes, cooking skills, and potential challenges you may face in maintaining a realistic, balanced diet.

Setting effective, practical and sustainable goals

Collaborative Goal Setting

The session is not just about gathering information; it’s a collaborative discussion. Together, we set realistic and personalized dietary goals that align with your aspirations. This process ensures that your nutrition plan is not only effective but also practical and sustainable.

How Much Does This Cost?

Wilson Nutrition accepts most major insurance plans, and self-pay clients. For self-pay, initial appointments are $150. Follow-up appointments are $85.

All initial appointments usually last 75 minutes. Follow-up appointments usually last 45 minutes.

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Specialized Services

blood glucose monitor

Diabetes Care


Certified Diabetes Educator and Care Specialist

Experience with Diabetes Care

In my private practice, I specialize in offering individualized medical nutrition therapy. I am proud to hold the Certified Diabetes Educator and Care Specialist designation, a testament to my commitment to continuous learning and advancing my expertise. My joy lies in working with individuals recently diagnosed with diabetes or gestational diabetes, guiding, and empowering them to take control of their care.

I am also a Registered Dietitian at Northside Hospital Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center.

“I really enjoy working with Charlene. She is very personable. She is also very knowledgeable and has helped me with my eating habits and has gotten me on the right track… She is also now working with my husband and having both of us on the same page has helped us. Our blood work numbers are backed down where they need to be. Feeling great and being more active. Thank you Charlene!!”

-Jamie G., Suwanee


Sports Nutrition

Former college athlete and coach

Passion for Sports Nutrition for All Ages

Drawing on my background as a former college swimmer at the University of South Carolina and swim coach at both college and club levels, sports nutrition holds a special place in my heart. Whether you’re an athlete pursuing performance goals or someone dealing with specific health conditions aiming to improve your fitness, my approach revolves around creating personalized nutrition plans that seamlessly align with your unique lifestyle.

“Being a professional soccer athlete, fueling my body with the right foods have a direct impact on my career. I came to Charlene not knowing much about nutrition and wanted to reach a specific goal. With her help, I can confidently say that I am one step closer to my goal and becoming a better athlete.”

-Efrain M., Atlanta

personal growth

Chronic Conditions

wilson nutrition researching chronic conditions

Evidence-based research

Managing Chronic Conditions

Utilizing evidence-based research, I aim to assist individuals in managing chronic conditions such as kidney disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, PCOS, and others. I thoroughly examine the most recent data concerning optimal nutrition interventions. Then, together with this knowledge, we can create a personalized nutrition plan tailored specifically to your needs.

“… For several years, I struggled with insulin resistance and couldn’t get rid of that pesky weight gain. With the help of Charlene, I was able to understand what I was doing wrong and how to correct my eating habits. I have been a patient for 3 months, and I have been able to lose weight without feeling like I am starving. I highly recommend Charlene for your health and nutritional needs… Do not hesitate in reaching out for help! I am glad I did! I feel so much better and healthier because of Charlene!”

-Dianna L., Dunwoody

meal planning with list

Meal Planning

Bring clarity and convenience to your kitchen

A Personalized Path to Nutritional Success

At Wilson Nutrition, I understand that the journey to better health extends beyond consultations. That’s why I am excited to offer a specialized Meal Planning Service tailored to make your nutrition goals not just achievable but enjoyable. If the daily question of “What to make for meals?” feels like a perpetual challenge, our 14-day meal plan service is here to bring clarity and convenience to your kitchen. The recipes provided are not one-size-fits-all. I consider your unique dietary needs, preferences, and goals to create a 14-day roadmap designed exclusively for you.

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Enticing add-on service

Seamless Integration with Appointments

Whether it’s your initial consultation or a follow-up appointment, our 14-day meal plan is available as an enticing add-on. Elevate your nutrition journey by combining expert guidance with practical, easy-to-follow recipes.

“Charlene was wonderful to work with! She met with my teenage daughter to discuss healthy options and the importance of well balanced and timely meals. My daughter connected with her immediately and was open to the meal suggestions that Charlene provided for her! She also explained the importance of not skipping meals and having a healthy body image. We had a great experience with Charlene and highly recommend her!”

-Tammy L., Suwanee

I offer online appointment booking to get started immediately.

To schedule your first appointment (which usually lasts 75 minutes), click the “Initial Appointment” button below. If you would like a 14-day customized meal plan as part of your journey, choose the “Initial Appt w/ Meal Plan” button. For more information about the Meal Plan add-on, click here